Boredom Blasters for Long Holiday Road Trips

There's nothing worse than a long drive in holiday traffic with the 'are we there yet' chorus coming from the backseat. That's why this holiday season we're arming you with all the tips and tricks to stave off boredom in the backseat and turn your car into a no whining zone!

Car trips are long and monotonous for kids, especially when they're excited about the destination. Games are a great way to distract them and maintain your sanity. For your next trip, try bringing aluminum foil or pipe cleaners. They're cheap, easy to clean up, and your kids will love them. A stack of pipe cleaners and a roll of aluminum foil could turn into creatures, puppets, jewelry, hats—the possibilities are as endless as your children's imaginations!

Snacks are crucial! Growling tummies equal grumpy children, so pack delicious treats that will be both filling and nutritious. Try transforming ordinary snacks into special road trip treats. For example, instead of making your kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, make them PB&J bars—they'll be an instant hit!

Lastly, make it worth their while to not whine! Start by giving them five or ten coins at the beginning of the trip. Every time they complain, they lose a coin. If they do something nice, like letting their sibling have the last chip, they earn the coin back. You'll be amazed how quiet your car will be.

Follow these tips this holiday season, and you'll find yourself in the no whining zone!

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Eliminate your Blind-spots in 3 Easy Steps!

You're on the highway and you need to change lanes. You've checked all of your mirrors, maybe even looked out of the rear window, and the coast is clear. As you begin to merge, however, a car suddenly appears, forcing you to swerve to avoid it. That's something every driver has experienced, no matter how cautious, because every car has a blind-spot.

You can avoid these situations in the future by simply adjusting your mirrors properly. Follow these three easy steps, and say goodbye to the magically appearing car.

  • Adjust your rear view mirror the way that you normally would.
  • Once it's in place, lean as far as you can to the left and position your left-side mirror so that you can see the back left corner of your car.
  • Lean as far as you can to the right and do the same thing.
  • Once you have the new mirror arrangement in place, go to a parking lot and test it out by pulling up to a line of parked cars. A car directly behind you should first appear in your rear-view mirror. If it passes you on the right, its headlights will move to the right side of your rear-view mirror. As it disappears from the rear-view mirror, it will immediately appear in your right-side mirror. The same should be true on the left. Some minor adjustments might need to be made, but you will have eliminated all major blind-spots.


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